As more and more people start using Artemis, it's valuable to have a migration guide that will help experienced ActiveMQ users adapt to the new broker. From outside, two brokers might seem very similar, but there are subtle differences in their inner-workings that can lead to confusions. The goal of this guide is to explain these differences and help make a transition.

Migration is a fairly broad term in systems like these, so what are we talking about here? This guide will be focused only on broker server migration. We'll assume that the current system is a working ActiveMQ 5.x broker with OpenWire JMS clients. We'll see how we can replace the broker with Artemis and leave the clients intact.

This guide is aimed at experienced ActiveMQ users that want to learn more about what's different in Artemis. We will assume that you know the concepts that are covered in these articles. They will not be explained from the first principles, for that you're advised to see appropriate manuals of the ActiveMQ and Artemis brokers.

Before we dig into more details on the migration, let's talk about basic conceptual differences between two brokers.

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