Code coverage report

Getting JaCoCo exec files

Before you can generate code coverage report by JaCoCo tool, you need to get data about what lines of code were executed during testing. These information are collected by JaCoCo agent and stored in JaCoCo exec files. All you need to do is run the tests with jacoco maven profile.

mvn test -Ptests,extra-tests,jacoco

Generate JaCoCo reports

mvn verify -Pjacoco-generate-report -DskipTests

For generating JaCoCo reports only run the maven build with profile jacoco-generate-report as it is shown in the example above. After the command was executed, in directory target/jacoco-report you can find reports in HTML and XML formats.

Merge JaCoCo exec files to one

Since ActiveMQ Artemis is divided into several modules, exec files are generated for each module separately. If you need to merge them together to have all data in one place, you can do it by command below.

mvn jacoco:merge -N -Pjacoco

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