We use Apache Maven to build the code, distribution, etc. and to manage dependencies.

We use gitbook to build the docs.

The minimum required Maven version is 3.0.0.

Note that there are some compatibility issues with Maven 3.X still unsolved. This is specially true for the 'site' plugin.

Full Release

Upgrading the gitbook version and regenerating the npm-shrinkwrap.json file

The full release uses gitbook to build a static website from the documentation. This is automatically installed using an NPM plugin and is controlled via a package.json file.

Install NPM using the instructions below

cd artemis-website
alter the `package.json` changing the version
npm cache clean; rm -rf ./node_modules/ ./node npm-shrinkwrap.json
npm install --save-dev
npm shrinkwrap --dev

The new npm-shrinkwrap.json should be written, commit it.


Artemis will automate the execution and download of npm. But it may be useful to install it on your system. Simply type:

$ npm install -g gitbook-cli

If you don't have npm installed then you would need to install it first.

Install npm On Fedora

$ yum install npm

Install npm On Fedora 24

This is what you should do if you are using Fedora 24+.

$ dnf install nodejs

Install npm On Mac-OS

The easiest way would be through brew brew

You first install brew using the instructions on the brew website.

After you installed brew you can install npm by:

brew install npm

To build the full release with documentation, Javadocs, and the full web site:

$ mvn -Prelease package

To install it to your local maven repo:

$ mvn -Prelease install

Build the distribution without docs

It is possible to build a distribution without the manuals and Javadocs. simply run

$ mvn package

Building the docs

From either docs/hacking-guide/en or docs/user-manual/en run gitbook build (after you've installed gitbook)

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