Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Examples

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis comes with over 90 runnable examples. These can be found in the examples directory in the root of the distribution folder. There are examples covering JMS as well as all the protocols and functionality that Apache ActiveMQ Artemis supports.

Each example has its own instructions as to how they can be run, but for most of them it is as simple as running mvn verify from the example directory. This will start a broker with the correct configuration, run the example and then stop the broker. You'll need to ensure there is not a broker already running as this may conflict with the broker that is configured and used in the example.

You may also run the example without starting the server by specifying -PnoServer (mvn -PnoServer verify). You can then use your own server for the example.

Notice that some examples will require special cases and multiple servers, for example in some Failover tests. Always refer to the README on each example.